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Results: Category "art\sculpture" (Page 1)

Art, Math, and Computers: New Ways of Creating Pleasing Shapes
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 1998 Pages 1–10
Finding an Integral Equation of Design and Mathematics
Brent Collins
Bridges 1998 Pages 21–28
New Directions for Evolving Expressions
Gary R. Greenfield
Bridges 1998 Pages 29–36
Continuum, Broken Symmetry, and More
Charles O. Perry
Bridges 1998 Pages 49–54
Bridges of Mathematics, Art, and Physics
Douglas D. Peden
Bridges 1998 Pages 73–82
Problems with Holbein's Ambassadors and the Anamorphosis of the Skull
John Sharp
Bridges 1998 Pages 157–166
Icosahedral Constructions
George W. Hart
Bridges 1998 Pages 195–202
Sliceform Sculptures-a Bridge between Art and Mathematics - Abstract
John Sharp
Bridges 1998 Pages 275–276
Eco-Mathematic/Geometric Aspects of a Design Proposal for Landscape/Public Art - Abstract
Thomas Michael Stephens
Bridges 1998 Pages 279–280
Geometrical Poetry - Abstract
Clifford Singer
Bridges 1998 Pages 283–286
Relationships of Science, Mathematics and My Constructive Art: A Personal Survey - Abstract
Thomas Michael Stephens
Bridges 1998 Pages 289–290
Harmony, Chromatics, and Chaos
Michael Field
Bridges 1999 Pages 1–20
Mathematical "Abstracts"
Lawrence Holbrook
Bridges 1999 Pages 21–26
On Understanding the Search Problem for Image Spaces
Gary R. Greenfield
Bridges 1999 Pages 41–54
Mobius Knitting
Daniel C. Isaksen and Alabama P. Petrofsky
Bridges 1999 Pages 67–76
Diagrammatic Relations in Interart Discourse
Kent W. Hooper
Bridges 1999 Pages 77–90
Polyhedral Sculptures with Hyperbolic Paraboloids
Erik D. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine and Anna Lubiw
Bridges 1999 Pages 91–100
Math at the Service of Meaning: Links Between Geometry, Mythology, and Philosophy in Mosaic Art
Irene Rousseau
Bridges 1999 Pages 111–122
Analogies from 2D to 3D - Exercises in Disciplined Creativity
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 1999 Pages 161–172
Merging Paradigms
Brent Collins
Bridges 1999 Pages 205–210
Artistic Patterns in Hyperbolic Geometry
Douglas Dunham
Bridges 1999 Pages 239–250
The Conceptual Mechanics of Expression in Geometric Fields
Clifford Singer
Bridges 1999 Pages 251–256
Whirling Chaos: A Multisensory Kinetic Art System
Joe Cusumano
Bridges 1999 Pages 257–264
The Linear Visualizations of Mathematical Anomalies In Sculptural Space: An Artist Presentation
Don R. Schol
Bridges 1999 Pages 275–278
The Art-Science Marriage, From Quarrel to Understanding
Solomon Marcus
Bridges 1999 Pages 279–290
Reading Numbers as a Metaphor of the Universe - Abstract
Solomon Marcus
Bridges 1999 Pages 302–302
Symmetry and Ornament
Slavik Jablan
Bridges 2000 Pages 1–12
The Art and Science of Symmetric Design
Michael Field
Bridges 2000 Pages 53–60
Nearing Convergence: An Interactive Set Design for Dance
Benigna Chilla
Bridges 2000 Pages 119–124
An Iconography of Reason and Roses
Sarah Stengle
Bridges 2000 Pages 161–168
The Generation of the Cube and the Cube as Generator
María Antonia Frías Sagardoy and Ana Belén de Isla Gómez
Bridges 2000 Pages 177–184
Applications of Fractal Geometry to the Player Piano Music of Conlon Nancarrow
Julie Scrivener
Bridges 2000 Pages 185–192
The Millennium Bookball
George W. Hart
Bridges 2000 Pages 209–216
On Growth and Form in Nature and Art: The Projective Geometry of Plant Buds and Greek Vases
Stephen Eberhart
Bridges 2000 Pages 267–278
Exploring Art with Mathematics and Computer Programming
Alberto López-Santoyo
Bridges 2000 Pages 279–284
Visualization: From Biology to Culture
Brent Collins
Bridges 2000 Pages 309–314
What Do you See?
Nathaniel A. Friedman
Bridges 2000 Pages 315–322
Persian Arts: A Brief Study
Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2000 Pages 323–330
The Rubik's-Cube Design Problem
Hana M. Bizek
Bridges 2000 Pages 347–352
Mathematics and Art: Bill and Escher
Michele Emmer
Bridges 2000 Pages 353–362
The Golden Ratio and How it Pertains to Art - Abstract
Michael J. Nasvadi and Mahbobeh Vezvaei
Bridges 2000 Pages 397–397
The Art and Mathematics of Tessellation - Abstract
Travis Ethridge
Bridges 2000 Pages 398–398
On Visual Mathematics in Art - Abstract
Clifford Singer
Bridges 2000 Pages 401–402
Antisymmetry and Modularity in Ornamental Art
Ljiljana Radovic and Slavik Jablan
Bridges 2001 Pages 55–66
Geometries of Curvature and their Aesthetics
Brent Collins
Bridges 2001 Pages 81–88
TimeSculpture -- Constructing Social Geometries
John Sims
Bridges 2001 Pages 103–108
Functional Image Synthesis
Conal Elliott
Bridges 2001 Pages 139–158
The Influence and Use of Music and Mathematics in My Art
Douglas D. Peden
Bridges 2001 Pages 223–232
Mirror Curves
Slavik Jablan
Bridges 2001 Pages 233–246