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Results: Category "physics\acoustics" (Page 1)

Bridges of Mathematics, Art, and Physics
Douglas D. Peden
Bridges 1998 Pages 73–82
Subjective Fidelity and Problems of Measurement in Audio Reproduction
John V.C. Nye
Bridges 1998 Pages 129–138
What is the Difference between a Banjo and a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle? Answer: You Can Tune the Harley - Abstract
Daniel Fitzgerald
Bridges 1998 Pages 291–292
Audio Visualization in Phase Space
David Gerhard
Bridges 1999 Pages 137–144
PHYSICS: A Search for Simplicity, Beauty and Symmetry
Richard C. Morrison
Bridges 1999 Pages 221–230
Maximally Even Sets
Richard Krantz, Jack Douthett and John Clough
Bridges 2000 Pages 193–200
A Review of the Snake Robotic Research - Abstract
Farshad Barazandeh and Behnam Bahr
Bridges 2001 Pages 318–318
Musical Acoustics and Continued Fractions - Abstract
Richard Krantz and Jack Douthett
Bridges 2001 Pages 323–323
Constructing a Piano -- A Key is Provided by Leonhard Euler - Abstract
Robert L. Bailey
Bridges 2001 Pages 340–340
The Endless Wave
Bob Brill
Bridges 2002 Pages 55–66
Electrostatic Kaleidoscope
Haiduke Sarafian
Bridges 2002 Pages 91–98
Tonal Optimization in Music Playing
Jiashi Hou
Bridges 2002 Pages 293–300
Nodal Lines and Quasi-Space Filling Curves
Tiziana Giorgi and Caryn Werner
Bridges 2003 Pages 69–76
On the Perception of Tone
Richard J. Krantz, Jack Douthett and Richard Plotkin
Bridges 2003 Pages 77–84
Square Decompositions with Hyperbolic Consequences in Art, Chemical Physics and Mathematics
Robert G. Smits
Bridges 2003 Pages 213–218
Polyhedral Designs of Detection Systems for Nuclear Physics Studies
N.G. Nicolis
Bridges 2003 Pages 219–228
Dynamical Systems: A Golden Gate from Auditory Physiology to Musical Aesthetics?
Julyan H.E. Cartwright, Diego L. González, Oreste Piro and Domenico Stanzial
Bridges 2003 Pages 331–338
Music - Sounding Proportions in Motion - Abstract
Marina Korsakova-Kreyn
Bridges 2003 Pages 585–586
Strange Physical Motion of Balls in a Cylinder
Akihiro Matsuura
Bridges 2005 Pages 345–346
Space from Nonspace: Emergent Spatiality in Dynamic Graphs
Tim Boykett
Bridges 2005 Pages 379–380
Satellite Ballet by Flower Constellations
Daniele Mortari
Bridges 2005 Pages 381–382
Mathematical Models of Gothic Structures
Javier Barrallo and Santiago Sanchez-Beitia
Bridges 2005 Pages 385–392
Electrostatic Patterns in the Interior of a Circular Region
N.G. Nicolis
Bridges 2007 Pages 169–176
Quantum Sculpture: Art Inspired by the Deeper Nature of Reality
Julian Voss-Andreae
Bridges 2010 Pages 3–10
Parabolic Connections: Linking History, Art, Acoustics, and Mathematics
Gail Kaplan
Bridges 2010 Pages 375–378
Constructing Molecules with Beads: The Geometry of Topologically Nontrivial Fullerenes
Bih-Yaw Jin, Chern Chuang and Chia-Chin Tsoo
Bridges 2010 Pages 391–394
Algorithmic Fluid Imagery
Mark J. Stock
Bridges 2011 Pages 155–162
Graphic illustration of Elementary Particles
György Darvas and Tamás F. Farkas
Bridges 2011 Pages 613–616
Science, Art, Beauty, the Meaning of Life, and the James Webb Telescope
John Mather
Bridges 2012 Pages 1–8
Art of the Quantum Moment
Robert P. Crease and Alfred S. Goldhaber
Bridges 2012 Pages 307–314
An Arts Project Uncovering an Important Scientific Advance
Harold Kroto
Bridges 2013 Pages 1–8
Mathematical Beading as Molecular Analog Computation: An Example from Beaded Sierpiński Buckyball
Chia-Chin Tsoo, Chern Chuang and Bih-Yaw Jin
Bridges 2013 Pages 487–490
Construction of Sierpiński Superfullerenes with the Aid of Zome Geometry: Application to Beaded Molecules
Chern Chuang and Bih-Yaw Jin
Bridges 2013 Pages 495–498
Making Waves: Visualizing Fluid Flows
Wout Zweers, Valerie Zwart and Onno Bokhove
Bridges 2013 Pages 515–518
Minimalism, Math, and Biology
Bojana Ginn
Bridges 2013 Pages 535–538
Hearing the Drum of the Rhythm
John Belcher and Terrence Blackman
Bridges 2013 Pages 611–618
Top-ology: A Torque About Tops
Kenneth Brecher
Bridges 2014 Pages 51–58
Sources of Flow as Sources of Symmetry: Divergence Patterns of Sinusoidal Vector Fields
Judy Holdener and Marie Snipes
Bridges 2014 Pages 409–412
Nested polytopes with non-crystallographic symmetry induced by projection
Briony Thomas, Reidun Twarock, Motiejus Valiunas and Emilio Zappa
Bridges 2015 Pages 167–174
Expandohedra: Modeling Structural Transitions of a Viral Capsid
Adam Arstall, Briony Thomas, Reidun Twarock and Emilio Zappa
Bridges 2015 Pages 471–474
A New Way to See Inside Black Holes
Richard Conn Henry, James Overduin and Kielan Wilcomb
Bridges 2015 Pages 479–482
Not only Art but also Rocket Science
S.J. Spencer
Bridges 2016 Pages 203–208
Organic 3D Mesh Creation Through Particle-Based Physics Simulation
Sage Jenson
Bridges 2016 Pages 411–414
A Zometool Model of the B-DNA
László Vörös
Bridges 2016 Pages 435–438
Chladni Figures Revisited: A Peek Into The Third Dimension
Martin Skrodzki, Ulrich Reitebuch and Konrad Polthier
Bridges 2016 Pages 481–484
Magnetic Sphere Constructions
Henry Segerman and Rosa Zwier
Bridges 2017 Pages 79–86
Art of Infinity
Kenneth Brecher
Bridges 2017 Pages 153–158
The Artful Kaleidoscopes of the Circular and Spherical Bells
Carlos Puente
Bridges 2017 Pages 283–290
Seeing and Hearing the Eigenvectors of a Fluid
Aaron Jones, Joann Kuchera-Morin and Theodore Kim
Bridges 2017 Pages 305–312