A Review of the Snake Robotic Research - Abstract

Farshad Barazandeh and Behnam Bahr
Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science (2001)
Pages 318–318


One of the most interesting animals among all creatures is the snake. The number of religious beliefs, myths, and legends illustrates man's fascination with snakes, and folktales associated with snakes. The Greek god Zeus was thought often to assume the form of a serpent when he visited earthly beings. In China and Germany snakes were believed to control the lakes, the springs, and the rains. To the ancient Egyptians Uraeus, the cobra is a supreme divine being and represents royal wisdom and power. Indians believed the cobra to be a mount of Vishnu and as such represents knowledge, wisdom and eternity. For Incas the serpent and bird are the beneficent aspect of Quetzalcoatl. Persian people believed the snake to be an aspect of Ahriman or Angra Mainu, the serpent of Darkness, the Liar. The Persian snake Azi-kahak is the throttler, enemy of the sun god.