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Results: Category "education" (Page 1)

Mathematics in Three Dimensional Design: The Integration of Mathematical Thinking into the Design Core
Don R. Schol
Bridges 1998 Pages 203–208
Geometric Sculpture for K-12: Geos, Hyperseeing, and Hypersculptures
Nathaniel A. Friedman
Bridges 1999 Pages 55–62
Barn-Raising an Endo-Pentakis-Icosi-Dodecahedron
Eva Knoll and Simon Morgan
Bridges 1999 Pages 131–136
Teaching Mathematical Thinking through Origami
Daniel Meyer and Jeanine Meyer
Bridges 1999 Pages 191–204
Model Building - An Applied College Algebra Course Dealing with Observed Patterns - Abstract
Darrell Thoman
Bridges 1999 Pages 297–297
Evolutionary Development of Mathematically Defined Forms
Robert J. Krawczyk
Bridges 2000 Pages 125–132
What Do you See?
Nathaniel A. Friedman
Bridges 2000 Pages 315–322
Polyhedra, Learning by Building: Design and Use of a Math-Ed Tool
Simon Morgan and Eva Knoll
Bridges 2000 Pages 331–338
Humor and Music in the Mathematics Classroom - Abstract
James G. Eberhart
Bridges 2000 Pages 395–395
The Development of Integrated Curricula: Connections between Mathematics and the Arts - Abstracts
Virginia Usnick
Bridges 2000 Pages 396–396
Biological Applications of Symmetry for the Classroom - Abstract
Patrick Ross
Bridges 2000 Pages 399–399
Exploring Technology in the Classroom - Abstract
Terry Quiett
Bridges 2000 Pages 400–400
Humor and Music in the Mathematics Classroom
J.G. Eberhart
Bridges 2001 Pages 175–180
Finding Fibonacci: An Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Course Based on Mathematical Patterns
Margie Ribble
Bridges 2001 Pages 193–200
Mathematics and the Liberal Arts Curriculum
Daniel F. Daniel
Bridges 2001 Pages 255–260
Study and Application of African Designs for Use in Secondary Education
Anileen Gray and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2001 Pages 299–306
Zometool Geometry Workshop - Abstract
George W. Hart
Bridges 2001 Pages 329–330
Rhyming Reason: The Incorporation of Mathematics into Nursery Rhymes - Abstract
Tara M. Dunphy
Bridges 2001 Pages 333–333
Teaching a Course on Polyhedra - Abstract
Vincent J. Matsko
Bridges 2001 Pages 345–345
A Mathematical Look at the 7 Liberal Arts as "Humanities" - Abstract
Stephen Eberhart
Bridges 2001 Pages 346–346
A Course: Mathematics and the Visual Arts - Abstract
Ralph Czerwinski
Bridges 2002 Pages 150–150
Fractions in Art and Mathematics
Jane K. Bates
Bridges 2002 Pages 181–188
Preliminary Field Explorations in K-6 Math-Ed: The Giant Triangles as Classroom Manipulatives
Eva Knoll and Simon Morgan
Bridges 2002 Pages 205–212
Exploring Algebra with Creative Designs - Abstract
Iftikhar Husain
Bridges 2002 Pages 234–234
The Rootsellers - Retelling the Galois Group of Quartic Polynomial
Benjamin Wells
Bridges 2002 Pages 235–246
Mathematics for Those Who Hate Mathematics
Julianne M. Labbiento
Bridges 2002 Pages 247–255
Connecting Mathematics and the Arts in the Elementary Classroom through Movement - Abstract
Virginia Usnick and Marilyn Sue Ford
Bridges 2002 Pages 262–262
How a Math Class Can Be Two Places at Once: A Proposed Mathematical/Philosophical Collaboration
Eric S. Egge and Steven Gimbel
Bridges 2002 Pages 263–268
On the Shapes of Water Fountains and Times Tables - Abstract
Stephen Eberhart
Bridges 2002 Pages 314–314
Mathematics & Esthetics - Science and Art in the Bay Area
Benjamin Wells
Bridges 2003 Pages 307–314
Diversifying the Curriculum: The Tessellations Case
Reza Sarhangi, Gabriele Meiselwitz and Goran Trajkovski
Bridges 2003 Pages 441–448
Connecting Writing and Contextual Development with Mathematics in Introductory College Math Courses - Abstract
Stan T. Yoshinobu
Bridges 2003 Pages 579–579
From Hot Spots to High School Geometry and Calculus
Tiziana Giorgi and Robert Smits
Bridges 2004 Pages 79–86
Mathematical Magic
Arthur T. Benjamin
Bridges 2004 Pages 259–264
Modular Origami in the Mathematics Classroom
Brock Wenciker and Patrick Flynn
Bridges 2004 Pages 293–296
Pedagogical Principles for Teaching Art in Mathematics Courses
Russell Jay Hendel
Bridges 2005 Pages 119–120
A Computerized Environment for Learning and Teaching 3-D Geometry
Irit Wertheim, Emzar Panikashvili, Gershon Elber and Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar
Bridges 2005 Pages 149–154
An Interdisciplinary Course: "On Beauty: Perspective, Proportion, and Rationalism in Western Culture"
Alison Fleming, Sharon Frechette and Sarah Luria
Bridges 2005 Pages 227–230
Looking At Math: Using Art to Teach Mathematics
Pau Atela
Bridges 2005 Pages 231–236
Symmetries and Design Science: Two Graduate Courses for a Mathematics Education Program
Reza Sarhangi and Jay Zimmerman
Bridges 2005 Pages 357–366
Making Mathematical Posters
Ulrich Hermisson and Robert V. Moody
Bridges 2005 Pages 367–368
Paper Polylinks
George W. Hart
Bridges 2005 Pages 505–508
A Thousand Cranes and Statistics
Cheryl Whitelaw
Bridges 2005 Pages 509–510
A Method for Illustrating Border and Wallpaper Patterns
Gwen L. Fisher
Bridges 2005 Pages 511–518
Tessellation Techniques
Stefanie Mandelbaum and Jacqueline S. Guttman
Bridges 2005 Pages 519–520
Connecting Gross-motor Movement, Dance, and Mathematics in the Elementary Curriculum
Virginia Usnick and Marilyn Sue Ford
Bridges 2005 Pages 521–522
A Physical Proof for Five and Only Five Regular Solids
Robert McDermott
Bridges 2005 Pages 523–528
Playing Mathematics and Doing Music
John Belcher
Bridges 2005 Pages 529–530
Dynamic Geometry/Art in Mathematics Classroom
Mara Alagic and Diana Palenz
Bridges 2005 Pages 531–535