Exploring Algebra with Creative Designs - Abstract

Iftikhar Husain
Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science (2002)
Pages 234–234


Teaching in the new millennium challenges teachers at all grade levels to engage students in leaning for greater depth and meaning. The fast growing graphing calculator technology with the innovative Exploring Algebra With Creative Designs Program is a great help in all mathematics classes to meet these challenges. The program provides teachers a unique tool to teach algebraic concepts by creating designs on a graphing calculator using equations of mathematical functions. The creative design technique helps students to enhance visual thinking. It helps students to understand and to apply Algebra and Geometry concepts in a creative and enjoyable way. The visual illustrations inspire and motivate students in the learning process. The Exploring Algebra With Creative Designs Program encourages students to quickly see and study graphs of functions encountered in Pre-algebra through Calculus courses.