A Course: Mathematics and the Visual Arts - Abstract

Ralph Czerwinski
Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science (2002)
Pages 150–150


Background: This course was designed and taught as an honors course. The students taking this course are sophomore honors students satisfying a requirement in Math and the Natural Sciences. Presenters of these courses are encouraged to be innovative and interdisciplinary while maintaining a high level of expectation. The students in my course were majoring in theatre arts, music, biology, and political science. Course Description: 'Mathematics and the Visual Arts' will explore several of the many bridges between the visual arts and mathematics. We will look at mathematics as a subject matter for art, the influence of art in the creation of a new kind of geometry, the role of mathematicians in the creation of Medieval Islamic art, the importance of pattern and symmetry in both mathematics and art, the role of aesthetics in the development of mathematics, and the mathematical approach in contemporary art. Our purpose will be to find interplay and commonality between the visual arts and mathematics.