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Spontaneous Patterns in Disk Packings
Boris D. Lubachevsky, Ron L. Graham and Frank H. Stillinger
Bridges 1998 Pages 181–194
A Symmetry Classification of Columns
Martin Golubitsky and Ian Melbourne
Bridges 1998 Pages 209–224
A Visual Presentation of Rank-Ordered Sets
Mara Alagić
Bridges 1998 Pages 237–244
Symmetry, Chemistry and Escher's Tiles
Bruce D. Martin and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 1998 Pages 245–254
A Taxonomy of Ancient Geometry Based on the Hidden Pavements of Michelangelo's Lurentian Library
Ben Nicholson, Jay Kappraff and Saori Hisano
Bridges 1998 Pages 255–272
Symmetry, Causality, Mind - Abstract
Michael Leyton
Bridges 1998 Pages 273–274
Towards Visual Perception of Periodic Tilings: A Computational Model
Kristyann Manske, Amir Assadi, Hamid Eghbalina and Stephen Palmer
Bridges 1999 Pages 211–220
PHYSICS: A Search for Simplicity, Beauty and Symmetry
Richard C. Morrison
Bridges 1999 Pages 221–230
Artistic Patterns in Hyperbolic Geometry
Douglas Dunham
Bridges 1999 Pages 239–250
Model Building - An Applied College Algebra Course Dealing with Observed Patterns - Abstract
Darrell Thoman
Bridges 1999 Pages 297–297
Symmetry and Ornament
Slavik Jablan
Bridges 2000 Pages 1–12
Hyperbolic Celtic Knot Patterns
Douglas Dunham
Bridges 2000 Pages 13–22
M.C. Escher's Associations with Scientists
J. Taylor Hollist
Bridges 2000 Pages 45–52
The Art and Science of Symmetric Design
Michael Field
Bridges 2000 Pages 53–60
Subsymmetry Analysis and Synthesis of Architectural Designs
Jin-Ho Park
Bridges 2000 Pages 79–86
Computer Generated Islamic Star Patterns
Craig S. Kaplan
Bridges 2000 Pages 105–112
The Subtle Symmetry of Golden Spirals
Alvin Swimmer
Bridges 2000 Pages 113–118
Number Series as an Expression Model
Elpida S. Tzafestas
Bridges 2000 Pages 153–160
Symmetry and Beauty of Human Faces
Teresa Breyer
Bridges 2000 Pages 339–346
Saccades and Perceptual Geometry: Symmetry Detection through Entropy Minimization
Hamid Eghbalnia and Amir Assadi
Bridges 2000 Pages 369–378
Biological Applications of Symmetry for the Classroom - Abstract
Patrick Ross
Bridges 2000 Pages 399–399
Symmetries of Culture
Donald W. Crowe
Bridges 2001 Pages 1–20
Symmetrohedra: Polyhedra from Symmetric Placement of Regular Polygons
Craig S. Kaplan and George W. Hart
Bridges 2001 Pages 21–28
Come un meccanismo di precisione: The Third Movement of Ligeti's Second String Quartet
Diane Luchese
Bridges 2001 Pages 37–46
Antisymmetry and Modularity in Ornamental Art
Ljiljana Radovic and Slavik Jablan
Bridges 2001 Pages 55–66
On the Construction of Colored Plane Crystallographic Patterns
Ma. Louise Antonette N. De Las Peñas
Bridges 2001 Pages 181–192
Finding Fibonacci: An Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Course Based on Mathematical Patterns
Margie Ribble
Bridges 2001 Pages 193–200
An Interactive Creation of Polyhedra Stellations with Various Symmetries
Vladimir Bulatov
Bridges 2001 Pages 201–212
Mirror Curves
Slavik Jablan
Bridges 2001 Pages 233–246
Hyperbolic Islamic Patterns -- A Beginning
Douglas Dunham
Bridges 2001 Pages 247–254
Quilted Symmetry
Daniel F. Daniel, Slavik Jablan and Deb Schmidt
Bridges 2001 Pages 283–298
Weaving Beyond Fibonacci
Mary C. Williams
Bridges 2001 Pages 307–312
Sona Sand Drawings and Permutation Groups - Abstract
Mark D. Schlatter
Bridges 2001 Pages 334–334
Creating Prelude Music Using Number Patterns - Abstract
Cheryl Whitelaw
Bridges 2001 Pages 342–342
Set Operations in the Music of Nikolai Roslavets
Terry B. Ewell
Bridges 2002 Pages 17–24
The Pi Symphony: Numeric Sequences in Music
Lars Erickson
Bridges 2002 Pages 49–53
Geometric Patterns and the Interpretation of Meaning: Two Monuments in Iran
Carol Bier
Bridges 2002 Pages 67–78
Exploring Fractal Geometry in Music
Brian Hansen and Cheri Shakiban
Bridges 2002 Pages 83–90
A Mathematical Analysis of African, Brazilian, and Cuban Clave Rhythms
Godfried Toussaint
Bridges 2002 Pages 157–168
The Knight's Tour Problem as a Conceptual Tool for Interdisciplinary Studies
Ronald R. Brown
Bridges 2002 Pages 169–180
Exploring the Effect of Direction on Vector-Based Fractals
Magdy Ibrahim and Robert J. Krawczyk
Bridges 2002 Pages 213–219
The Rootsellers - Retelling the Galois Group of Quartic Polynomial
Benjamin Wells
Bridges 2002 Pages 235–246
A Museum Dedicated to the Concept of Harmony and the Golden Section
Alexey Stakhov and Anna Sluchenkova
Bridges 2002 Pages 269–276
Theory and Application of Islamic Star Patterns - Abstract
Craig S. Kaplan
Bridges 2002 Pages 306–306
Three Traditions of Self-Similarity in Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century Islamic Geometric Ornament
Jay Bonner
Bridges 2003 Pages 1–12
Classification and Phylogenetic Analysis of African Ternary Rhythm Timelines
Godfried Toussaint
Bridges 2003 Pages 25–36
Hidden Inscriptions in the Laurentian Library
Paul L. Rosin and Ralph R. Martin
Bridges 2003 Pages 37–44
Construction and Classifying Designs of al-Andalus
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2003 Pages 61–68
Nodal Lines and Quasi-Space Filling Curves
Tiziana Giorgi and Caryn Werner
Bridges 2003 Pages 69–76