An Interdisciplinary Course: "On Beauty: Perspective, Proportion, and Rationalism in Western Culture"

Alison Fleming, Sharon Frechette and Sarah Luria
Renaissance Banff: Mathematics, Music, Art, Culture (2005)
Pages 227–230


This paper describes the interdisciplinary seminar course “On Beauty: Perspective, Proportion, and Rationalism in Western Culture,” taught by the authors in Spring 2005 as part of the College Honors Program at the College of the Holy Cross. The instructors for this team-taught seminar included Alison Fleming, Sharon Frechette, and Sarah Luria, of the Departments of Visual Arts, Mathematics & Computer Science, and English respectively. This seminar considered the intersections between the fields of art, mathematics and literature. Through carefully selected readings, discussion, papers and presentations, students saw these fields woven together in deep and meaningful ways. Topics were selected around the central theme of “the quest for perfection'” in the human form, works of art, the built environment and the natural landscape.