On Visual Mathematics in Art - Abstract

Clifford Singer
Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science (2000)
Pages 401–402


In the progress of this paper I have interspersed some reflections that we can collect into a general point of view on my art works. While the geometric style in the broadest sense can be classified in the art world as 'geometric abstraction', what actually takes place on the picture plane between form, space and color goes far beyond the limitations of such arbitrary labels. A complex underlying structure composed of straight lines, arcs, circles, elliptical sections, parabolas, hyperbolas, epicycloids, and spirals informs the viewer with a sense of controlled order and disciplined rational thinking reaching for a formalized mathematical perfection. In the final analysis, this geometrical structuring serves as no more than a foil for sensations for a more intangible and metaphysical (absolute) scope of vision.