The Golden Ratio and How it Pertains to Art - Abstract

Michael J. Nasvadi and Mahbobeh Vezvaei
Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science (2000)
Pages 397–397


The Golden Ratio is one of the great mysteries of nature. The human form is part of nature, thus the Golden Ratio is in fact part of the most human bodies. One person might seem more proportional than another depending on how many times the Golden Ratio appear in his/her body measurements. Our purpose for this presentation is to examine the Golden Ratio and how it pertains to art. We will first define what we call the Golden Ratio. Next we will inspect a manifestation of the Golden Ratio in the Fibonacci Number Sequence. Then we will investigate the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and show some examples of how the Golden Ratio relates to artistic flow and beauty. Finally, we have conducted our own study on an independent model. We will see if our model fits in the mold of the Golden Ratio.