Icosahedral Constructions

George W. Hart
Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science (1998)
Pages 195–202


A mathematical concept has inspired me to create a series of sculptures. While the media, surface forms, and general impact of these constructions may vary considerably, there is an ancient underlying structure common to the series. The mathematical basis behind these sculptures is the chiral icosahedral symmetry group. This underlying form binds these pieces in a way that may be obvious to a mathematician accustomed to the study of patterns, yet invisible to a casual observer. For centuries, geometry has been considered fundamental to an educated mind and has been both tool and inspiration to many artists, yet it has lost this status in our current culture. One purpose of my artwork is to show that geometry still has a power and a relevance. I hope to prod the viewer into seeing the type of deeper connection which is the subject of this series of sculptures. In addition, there is a natural aesthetic which many artists have found in polyhedral symmetry.