TimeSculpture -- Constructing Social Geometries

John Sims
Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science (2001)
Pages 103–108


The author/artist presents the TimeSculpture, TimeSculpture as a projected morphism, as a sculptural sequence, as a national installation manifests a journey by mapping orbits from abstract places into diverse geographies, celebrating the search for cycles in both human and natural systems. The domain spaces of TimeSculpture are familiar objects that tell sculptural stories about space, conflict, support systems and time. The objects: vases; chess sets, chairs and clocks as symbolic design codes employ concepts of order, symmetry, connectivity, and cycles to investigate a range of ideas from spatial order to human development The primary domain is a 12-hour conceptual clock of circular design then mapped into social localities for the purpose of identifying and building transcendental communities.