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Hyparhedra Revisited
Eve Torrence
Bridges 2017 Pages 343–346
Topological Images with Modular Block Print Tiles
Felicia Tabing
Bridges 2017 Pages 347–350
3D Printing in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom
Patrick Honner
Bridges 2017 Pages 351–354
Math Creations - A Math-Art Competition
Bianca Violet, Chiquira Wagner and Ekaterina Eremenko
Bridges 2017 Pages 355–358
The Poetics of a Cyclic Directed Graph
Courtney Huse Wika and Daniel May
Bridges 2017 Pages 359–362
A Temari Permutation Sampler
Debra K. Borkovitz
Bridges 2017 Pages 363–366
The English Translation of the 1652 Edition of J-F Niceron's Perspective Curieuse
James Hunt and Sylvia Hunt
Bridges 2017 Pages 367–370
Triskelion Block Families
Akihiro Matsuura and Hiroshi Shirane
Bridges 2017 Pages 371–374
Die-Cut Colored Paper Sculptures of the Real and Imaginary Parts of Complex Functions
Caroline Bowen
Bridges 2017 Pages 375–378
Ballistic Deposition and Aesthetic Patterns
Gary Greenfield
Bridges 2017 Pages 379–382
Applying Helical Triangle Tessellations in Folded Light Art
Jiangmei Wu
Bridges 2017 Pages 383–386
Émilie, an Opera about Love, Death, and Mathematics
Liisamaija Hautsalo and Osmo Pekonen
Bridges 2017 Pages 387–390
Cartesian Lace Drawings
Susan Happersett
Bridges 2017 Pages 391–394
Constructing Mini-tools for Tessellations
Loe Feijs, Jun Hu, Mathias Funk, Mayra Goevaerts, Teun Keusters and Caro Van Kessel
Bridges 2017 Pages 395–398
The Sound of Space-Filling Curves
Herman Haverkort
Bridges 2017 Pages 399–402
A Cellular Automaton for Pied-de-poule (Houndstooth)
Loe Feijs and Marina Toeters
Bridges 2017 Pages 403–406
How to Draw a Line
Simon Ever-Hale
Bridges 2017 Pages 407–410
Quilting the Klein Quartic
Elisabetta Matsumoto
Bridges 2017 Pages 411–414
Turing-Like Patterns Revisited: A Peek Into The Third Dimension
Martin Skrodzki and Konrad Polthier
Bridges 2017 Pages 415–418
Algorithmic Aesthetics: Redefining Traditional Islamic Art
Carol Bier
Bridges 2017 Pages 419–422
On the Enumeration of Chequered Tilings in Polygons
Hiroaki Hamanaka, Takashi Horiyama and Ryuhei Uehara
Bridges 2017 Pages 423–426
Designing Modular Sculpture Systems
Christopher Carlson
Bridges 2017 Pages 427–430
Nebula: Live Dynamic Projection Mapping via Object Saliency
Sara Greenberg, Audrey G. Chung and Alexander Wong
Bridges 2017 Pages 431–434
Transforming Squares to Strips in Expanded Polyhedral Forms
David Reimann
Bridges 2017 Pages 435–438
Polyhedra: Eye Candy to Feed the Mind
Stacy Speyer
Bridges 2017 Pages 439–442
Listening to the Logistic Map
Andrea Capozucca, Marco Fermani and Simone Giorgini
Bridges 2017 Pages 443–446
Artistic Rendering of Curves via Lattice Paths
Anton Bakker and Tom Verhoeff
Bridges 2017 Pages 447–450
3D Printable Golden Sponges
Donald Plante
Bridges 2017 Pages 451–454
Using African Designs in Virtual Manipulatives for Geometrical Concept Development
Philip Collett and Catherina Steyn
Bridges 2017 Pages 455–458
Constructing Deltahedra from Recycled Plastic Bottles
Weiling He, Chengde Wu and Ergun Akleman
Bridges 2017 Pages 459–462
The Complexity of Braids, Cables, and Weaves Modeled with Stranded Cellular Automata
Joshua Holden
Bridges 2017 Pages 463–466
Inversive Diversions and Diversive Inversions
Gregg Helt
Bridges 2017 Pages 467–470
Shaping Poems -- with Visual Forms and Counting
Jo Anne Growney
Bridges 2017 Pages 471–474
The Interval Dissonance Rate: An Analytical Look into Chromaticism of Chopin’s Op. 10 No. 2 and Scriabin's Op. 11 No. 2
Nikita Mamedov and Robert Peck
Bridges 2017 Pages 475–478
Obtaining Four Main Animation Cycles Using an Extremely Limited Set of Poses
Ergun Akleman, Derya Akleman, Ioannis Pavlidis and Pradeep Buddharaju
Bridges 2017 Pages 479–482
Designing Skeletal Polyhedral Sculptures Inspired by Octet-Truss Systems and Structural Inorganic Chemistry with Bugle Beads
Chia-Chin Tsoo and Bih-Yaw Jin
Bridges 2017 Pages 483–486
Surfaces Foliated by Planar Geodesics: A Model for Curved Wood Design
David Brander and Jens Gravesen
Bridges 2017 Pages 487–490
Tiling Notation as Design Tool for Textile Knotting
Nithikul Nimkulrat, Janette Matthews and Tuomas Nurmi
Bridges 2017 Pages 491–494
Visualizing Math Art Activities at the GameLab
Sujan Shrestha
Bridges 2017 Pages 495–498
The Surprising Versatility of Edge-Matching Tiles
Kate Jones
Bridges 2017 Pages 499–502
Triaxial Weaving for Complex Repeat Patterns and Tessellations
Mary Klotz
Bridges 2017 Pages 503–506
Symmetric Binary Trees with Branching Ratios Larger than 1
Nick Mendler and Vincent J. Matsko
Bridges 2017 Pages 507–510
Introducing the Kasparian Constructions
Raffi J. Kasparian and Alice E. Petillo
Bridges 2017 Pages 511–514
Non-Octave Guitar and Keyboard Designs for Ervin M. Wilson
Reilly Smethurst
Bridges 2017 Pages 515–518
The Discovery and Application of the Protogon’s Spiral
Andrew Smith
Bridges 2017 Pages 519–522
Dancing Rope and Braid Into Being: Whole-body Learning in Creating Mathematical/ Architectural Structures
Susan Gerofsky, Eva Knoll and James Forren
Bridges 2017 Pages 523–530
Collaboration in Creating The Mathematical Poem
Carol Dorf
Bridges 2017 Pages 531–532
From Rabbit Ears to Origami Flowers: Triangle Centers and the Concept of Function
Alan Russell
Bridges 2017 Pages 533–538
Omnidirectional Robot Construction at the Math Class
Kristóf Fenyvesi, Ákos Vecsei, Diego Lieban, Zsolt Lavicza, Hogul Park and Gábor Vecsei
Bridges 2017 Pages 539–546
Creating Polyhedra with Snapology
Faye Goldman
Bridges 2017 Pages 547–552