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A “Circle Limit III” Backbone Arc Formula
Douglas Dunham and Luns Tee
Bridges 2008 Pages 341–346
Connecting Mathematics and the Arts through the Magic of Escher for Elementary School Students
Marilyn Sue Ford and Sarae Gold
Bridges 2008 Pages 347–352
Module-Based Sculptural Constructions
Roland de Jong Orlando
Bridges 2008 Pages 353–362
Painting the Total Picture
Dick Termes
Bridges 2008 Pages 363–368
Cosmati Pavements: The Art of Geometry
Tristram de Piro
Bridges 2008 Pages 369–376
Teaching Group Theory Using Portraits of Groups
Jay Zimmerman
Bridges 2008 Pages 377–380
Four Bar Linkages
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2008 Pages 381–384
The Tangramoid: Recent Developments
Samuel Verbiese
Bridges 2008 Pages 385–388
TENSEGRITIES: Design, Analysis and Constructing
Jan W. Marcus
Bridges 2008 Pages 389–392
Pattern by Design – Not by Chance
M.A. Hann and B.G. Thomas
Bridges 2008 Pages 393–396
Using Binary Numbers in Music
Vi Hart
Bridges 2008 Pages 397–400
Image Stitching: From Mathematics to Arts
Franz Schubert, Arjan Kuijper and and Mike Kostner
Bridges 2008 Pages 401–404
Can Geometry Create Art?
András Bezdek
Bridges 2008 Pages 405–408
Masterpiece: Interactive Evolution in Visual Domain
Artemis Moroni, Rafael Bocaletto Maiolla and and Jônatas Manzolli
Bridges 2008 Pages 409–412
The Art of Equations
Lin Hsin Hsin
Bridges 2008 Pages 413–416
Mathematical Secrets of Seven
Susan McBurney
Bridges 2008 Pages 417–420
Koert Feenstra
Bridges 2008 Pages 421–424
A Geometric Model Applied To Urban Order
Cristina Argumedo and Mª Francisca Blanco Dora Giordano and Miriam Pisonero
Bridges 2008 Pages 425–428
Mathematics in Rangolee Art from India
Madhuri Bapat
Bridges 2008 Pages 429–432
Polyhedra with Equilateral Heptagons
Marcel Tünnissen
Bridges 2008 Pages 433–436
Triblock Origami Spheroid Workshops
Keh-Ming Lu, Alan S Tsaur and and Feng-Tse Chuang
Bridges 2008 Pages 437–440
Mathematical Eyes on Intercultural Communication Processes
Mara Alagic and Glyn Rimmington
Bridges 2008 Pages 441–444
Ternary Codes in Psychology, Culture, and Art: Information Roots
Vladimir Petrov and Lidia Mazhul
Bridges 2008 Pages 445–448
Artistic ideas regarding ‘Print Gallery’ by M.C. Escher
André Génard
Bridges 2008 Pages 449–452
A Guide to Creating Escher-like Bird Motif Tessellations
David R. M. Bailey
Bridges 2008 Pages 453–456
Using D-Forms to Create a Calder Type Mobile
Eva Knoll, John Sharp and and Roger Tobie
Bridges 2008 Pages 457–458
Some Regular Toroids
Lajos Szilassi
Bridges 2008 Pages 459–460
Juno's Spinner Truncated Icosahedron
Junichi Yananose
Bridges 2008 Pages 461–462
Mathematics and Arts: Finding the Horizon of Understanding for Arts Students
Hartmut F. W. Höft and Joanne Caniglia
Bridges 2008 Pages 463–464
Visualization of Rhyme Patterns in Two Sonnet Sequences
Laura J. George and Hartmut F. W. Höft
Bridges 2008 Pages 465–466
Create a Mathematical Banner Using the Lute, the Sacred Cut, and the Spidron
Elaine Krajenke Ellison
Bridges 2008 Pages 467–468
Hammam: Bath House, an Ancient Heritage in Iran
Hourieh Mashayekh and Hayedeh Mashayekh
Bridges 2008 Pages 469–470
Shape and Transformations
Marcela Carolina Franco
Bridges 2008 Pages 471–472
Imaging, Mathematics, and Art
Arjan Kuijper and Helma Kuijper
Bridges 2008 Pages 473–474
SUDOKU Puzzle Generates a Minimal Art Sculpture
Hans Kuiper
Bridges 2008 Pages 475–476
Aesthetic Beauty of Rotation
Ergun Akleman and Vinod Srinivasan
Bridges 2008 Pages 477–478
The Speed of Mathematics
Javier Barrallo
Bridges 2008 Pages 479–480
The Hidden Art in a Dynamic Geometry Software Program
Evan G. Evans and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2008 Pages 481–482
Projecting Mathematical Curves with Laser Light: A Tribute to Ptolemy
Merrill Lessley and Paul Beale
Bridges 2008 Pages 483–484
Fibonacci Tornado: Phylotaxy Spirals consisting of all Similar Triangles
Akio Hizume
Bridges 2008 Pages 485–486
Three Musical Geometries
Dmitri Tymoczko
Bridges 2008 Pages 487–488
Spatial Anisotropy in Aesthetic Impression of Simple Color Arrangement Patterns
Toshihiro Bando
Bridges 2008 Pages 489–490
Mathematics Is Art
Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine
Bridges 2009 Pages 1–10
Mathematical Methods in Origami Design
Robert J. Lang
Bridges 2009 Pages 11–20
Kircher's Mechanical Composer: A Software Implementation
Jim Bumgardner
Bridges 2009 Pages 21–28
Three Conceptions of Musical Distance
Dmitri Tymoczko
Bridges 2009 Pages 29–38
Using Turtles and Skeletons to Display the Viewable Sphere
David Swart
Bridges 2009 Pages 39–46
Notation for a Class of Paperfolded Models
Goran Konjevod and Ana Maria Kuprešanin
Bridges 2009 Pages 47–54
The Art of Iterated Function Systems with Expanding Functions
Philip Van Loocke
Bridges 2009 Pages 55–62
Harmonious Dances
Karl Schaffer
Bridges 2009 Pages 63–68