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Folding the Circle as Both Whole and Part
Bradford Hansen-Smith
Bridges 2004 Pages 87–94
Permuting Heaven and Earth: Painted Expressions of Burnside's Theorem
James Mai and Daylene Zielinski
Bridges 2004 Pages 95–102
The Triumph of One
Benjamin Wells
Bridges 2004 Pages 103–108
Cognitive Models of Music and Painting
James Peterson and Linda Dzuris
Bridges 2004 Pages 109–116
A Generalized Vertex Truncation Scheme to Construct Intriguing Polyhedral Shapes
Ergun Akleman, Paul Edmundson and Ozan Ozener
Bridges 2004 Pages 117–124
Star Polygon Designs of La Alhambra's Wooden Ceilings
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2004 Pages 125–132
The Influence of Incipit Length on the Results of Statistical and Information-Theoretical Melody Analysis
Nico Schüler
Bridges 2004 Pages 133–140
Glide Reflection and other Combined Transformations
Rinus Roelofs
Bridges 2004 Pages 141–148
The Reflected Binary Gray Code Transform
Steve Whealton
Bridges 2004 Pages 149–156
Expressive Geometries of Curvature
Brent Collins
Bridges 2004 Pages 157–164
A Search in Progress: Polyhedra from Intersecting Cylinders
Joseph D. Clinton
Bridges 2004 Pages 165–172
Using a Fractal Program to Model Vortical Flows
L. Kerry Mitchell and Janet Parke
Bridges 2004 Pages 173–180
Moorish Fretwork
Paul Tucker
Bridges 2004 Pages 181–188
Asymmetric Rhythms, Tiling Canons, and Burnside's Lemma
Rachel W. Hall and Paul Klingsberg
Bridges 2004 Pages 189–194
Inspired by Snowflakes: Constructing, Folding and Cutting Regular Paper Polygons to Create Art with Dihedral Symmetry
Gwen L. Fisher and Nicole Silkton
Bridges 2004 Pages 195–202
Fractal Patterns and Pseudo-tilings Based on Spirals
Rabert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2004 Pages 203–210
Hamiltonian Cycles on Symmetrical Graphs
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2004 Pages 211–222
Hunting Additional Pixels in Digitally Amplified Art: Looking for Clues in Music, with Inspiration from Mathematics
Mark Nelson
Bridges 2004 Pages 223–230
The Shape and History of The Ellipse in Washington, D.C.
Clark Kimberling
Bridges 2004 Pages 231–242
Exploring Hyperobjects: A Metaphor of Higher Dimensions
Michael Mahan
Bridges 2004 Pages 243–250
Islamic Art at Doris Duke's Shangri La Playing with Form and Pattern
Carol Bier and David K. Masunaga
Bridges 2004 Pages 251–258
Mathematical Magic
Arthur T. Benjamin
Bridges 2004 Pages 259–264
MultiCam: A System for Interactive Rendering of Abstract Digital Images
Jeffrey Smith, Ergun Akleman, Richard Davison and John Keyser
Bridges 2004 Pages 265–272
The Mathematics of Jazz
W. Douglas Maurer
Bridges 2004 Pages 273–280
Modularity in Medieval Persian Mosaics: Textual, Empirical, Analytical, and Theoretical Considerations
Reza Sarhangi, Slavik Jablan and Radmila Sazdanovic
Bridges 2004 Pages 281–292
Modular Origami in the Mathematics Classroom
Brock Wenciker and Patrick Flynn
Bridges 2004 Pages 293–296
Splinters from the Keyboard Artistic Work and the Experience of Production
Anna Ursyn
Bridges 2004 Pages 297–302
Experiential Morphology: The Generative Dynamics of Form and Structure, Part II
Manuel A. Báez
Bridges 2004 Pages 303–308
Tony Bomford's Hyperbolic Hooked Rugs
Douglas Dunham
Bridges 2004 Pages 309–314
Fractalled: The Interstitial Spaces And Frank Gehry
Amy Gilley
Bridges 2004 Pages 315–320
Pulling Ropes and Plumbing Lines: Geometry for the Neolithic Engineer
Stephen Luecking
Bridges 2004 Pages 321–328
Symmetry to Assembly
Mary Candace Williams
Bridges 2004 Pages 329–332
The Ghostly Imagery of Strange Attractors
Robert J. Krawczyk
Bridges 2004 Pages 333–334
Fractal Tessellations from Proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem
L. Kerry Mitchell
Bridges 2004 Pages 335–336
Applications for the Study of Tilings (Tile Composer - FonTiler - GridTiler) Using Combinatorics to Build Tiles Sets
Chris K. Palmer, Slavik Jablan and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2004 Pages 337–338
Measuring the Musical Vocabulary of the Traditional Nzakara Harpists
Barbra Gregory
Bridges 2004 Pages 339–340
Supercircles: Expanding Buckminster Fuller's Foldable Circle Models
Chris Fearnley and Jeannie Moberly
Bridges 2004 Pages 341–342
The Place of Pilgrimage
Benjamin Wells
Bridges 2004 Pages 343–344
Intersecting Cylinders and the Jitterbug
Joseph D. Clinton
Bridges 2004 Pages 345–346
An Introduction to The Randome
Richard Fischbeck and Oscar Tuazon
Bridges 2004 Pages 347–348
Stephen Eberhart Memorial Quilt - A Proposal
Mary Candace Williams
Bridges 2004 Pages 349–350
The Manifold Beauty of Piano-hinged Dissections
Greg N. Frederickson
Bridges 2005 Pages 1–8
Recursion in Nature, Mathematics and Art
Anne M. Burns
Bridges 2005 Pages 9–16
Fairfield Porter's Secret Geometry
Chris Bartlett
Bridges 2005 Pages 17–24
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2005 Pages 25–30
An Introduction to the Golden Tangram and its Tiling Properties
Stanley Spencer
Bridges 2005 Pages 31–36
Spiral Tilings with C-curves Using Combinatorics to Augment Tradition
Chris K. Palmer
Bridges 2005 Pages 37–46
The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms
Godfried Toussaint
Bridges 2005 Pages 47–56
Malekula Sand Tracings: A Case in Ethnomathematics
Marcia Ascher
Bridges 2005 Pages 57–64
Generative Art and Aesthetics
Susan Happersett
Bridges 2005 Pages 65–66