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Knotology Baskets and Topological Maps
James Mallos
Bridges 2015 Pages 215–222
A Novel Line Fractal Pied de Poule (Houndstooth)
Loe M.G. Feijs and Marina Toeters
Bridges 2015 Pages 223–230
Algorithmic Quilting
Christopher Carlson, Nina Paley and Theodore Gray
Bridges 2015 Pages 231–238
Integrating Origami Art with Mathematics in a College General Studies Course
Norma Boakes
Bridges 2015 Pages 239–246
Self-Avoiding Random Walks Yielding Labyrinths
Gary R. Greenfield
Bridges 2015 Pages 247–252
Yvon-Villarceau Circle Equivalents on Dupin Cyclides
Francesco De Comité
Bridges 2015 Pages 253–258
Galaxies Containing Infinite Worlds: Poetry from Finite Projective Planes
Daniel May and Courtney Huse Wika
Bridges 2015 Pages 259–266
From Stippling to Scribbling
Abdalla G. M. Ahmed
Bridges 2015 Pages 267–274
Magnetic Circle Packing in Creative Outreach and Refreshment
Robin Linhope Willson
Bridges 2015 Pages 275–282
Julia Randall's Poetic Finitude: Mapping the Infinite onto a Poem
Emily Grosholz
Bridges 2015 Pages 283–288
A View of Music
Ellen Gethner, Shannon Steinmetz and Joseph Verbeke
Bridges 2015 Pages 289–294
The Stomachion in Wonderland
Stanley Spencer
Bridges 2015 Pages 295–300
Ordinal-Contextual Dissimilarity for Analysis of Heros in Tragedies
Bahman Afsari, Katayun Mazdapour and Bruno Jedynak
Bridges 2015 Pages 301–308
Designing 2D Ordinary Differential Equations To Obtain Abstract Paintings, Illustrations and Animations
Ergun Akleman and Hüseyin Koçak
Bridges 2015 Pages 309–316
The Curious Creativity of John Horton Conway
Siobhan Roberts
Bridges 2015 Pages 317–322
The Musical Canon Inside Differential Equations
Donald Spector
Bridges 2015 Pages 323–330
Eight-Pointed Star and Precise Construction of 7x7 Square Grid
Dmitri Kozlov
Bridges 2015 Pages 331–334
Introducing the Möbius-Twisted Turk's Head Knot
Carlo H. Séquin and Lorenzo Larrucea
Bridges 2015 Pages 335–338
Exploring the Manifold of Image Patches
Yevgen Matviychuk and Shannon M. Hughes
Bridges 2015 Pages 339–342
Flowing, Organic Forms Using Adaptive Line-Drawing Agents
David Chappell
Bridges 2015 Pages 343–346
Chains of Antiprisms
Tom Verhoeff and Melle Stoel
Bridges 2015 Pages 347–350
Programmable Mathe-Musical Boxes
Rachel Wells Hall
Bridges 2015 Pages 351–354
Two-Frame Animations in Conway's Game of Life
Robert Bosch
Bridges 2015 Pages 355–358
Gallery Layout in Borges' Library of Babel
Jonathan K. Millen
Bridges 2015 Pages 359–362
Visualizing Rhyme Patterns in Sonnet Sequences
Hartmut F. W. Höft
Bridges 2015 Pages 363–366
A Pattern Tracing System for Generating Paper Sliceform Artwork
Yongquan Lu and Erik D. Demaine
Bridges 2015 Pages 367–370
The “ΦTOP”: A Golden Ellipsoid
Kenneth Brecher
Bridges 2015 Pages 371–374
The Geometric Structure of Scribal Variation among Manuscripts of Langland's Piers Plowman
Roger Bilisoly
Bridges 2015 Pages 375–378
Surfaces with Natural Ridges
David Brander and Steen Markvorsen
Bridges 2015 Pages 379–382
Unexpected Beauty Hidden in Radin-Conway's Pinwheel Tiling
Douglas G. Burkholder
Bridges 2015 Pages 383–386
Hypernom: Mapping VR Headset Orientation to S3
Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley, Henry Segerman and Marc ten Bosch
Bridges 2015 Pages 387–390
Large, Symmetric, “7-Around” Hyperbolic Disks
Sean Jeng Liu, Young Kim, Raymond Shiau and Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2015 Pages 391–394
Katzengold: Pyrite, Plato, and a Polynomial
Stephan Klaus and Bianca Violet
Bridges 2015 Pages 395–398
Infinite Rhythmic Tiling Canons
Clifton Callender
Bridges 2015 Pages 399–402
A Concept Map for Book 1 of Euclid's Elements
Alexander Boxer and Justace Clutter
Bridges 2015 Pages 403–406
A Musical Scale Generated from the Ratio of Consecutive Primes
Reginald Bain
Bridges 2015 Pages 407–410
Geometric Visual Instruments Having Pinnate Forms
Shunsuke Akimoto and Akihiro Matsuura
Bridges 2015 Pages 411–414
Design Anamorphosis in the Math Class!
Kristóf Fenyvesi and Markus Hähkiöniemi
Bridges 2015 Pages 415–418
Cayley Cubic and the Visual Arts
Jean Constant
Bridges 2015 Pages 419–422
Fractal Tiling Illustrations of Geometric Series
Lorelei Koss
Bridges 2015 Pages 423–426
Nature as a Strategy for Pattern Formation in Art
Irene Rousseau
Bridges 2015 Pages 427–430
Monte Carlo Art Using Scratch
Patrick Honner
Bridges 2015 Pages 431–434
The Paradigm Poem
Kazmier Maslanka
Bridges 2015 Pages 435–438
Random Walks on Vertices of Archimedean Tilings
Vincent J. Matsko
Bridges 2015 Pages 439–442
Perspectives on Borges' Library of Babel
CJ Fearnley and Jeannie Moberly
Bridges 2015 Pages 443–446
Geometry in the Pocket
Mehrdad Garousi
Bridges 2015 Pages 447–450
From Mathematical Curves to Decorative Ornaments
Susan McBurney
Bridges 2015 Pages 451–454
Building Polyhedra from Polygons with Colored Edges
Ioana Browne and Mircea Draghicescu
Bridges 2015 Pages 455–458
Turing Patterns in Photoshop
Andrew Werth
Bridges 2015 Pages 459–462
Inspire Math-Girls-Women (perhaps with poems)
Jo Anne Growney
Bridges 2015 Pages 463–466