Hunting Additional Pixels in Digitally Amplified Art: Looking for Clues in Music, with Inspiration from Mathematics

Mark Nelson
Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science (2004)
Pages 223–230


This paper examines ways that the amplification of visual images can be an integral part of the creative process for digital art, proposing typologies based on parallel examples in music where amplification is also integral to the creation process. The author's own artwork incorporates these visual amplification typologies into the creative process, and this artwork serves as the vehicle for discussion of conceptual issues in this paper. The paper's format first describes each typology with an example from music, next discusses each typology in relation to examples of digital art and then discusses inspirations from mathematics related to each artwork. Visual amplification typologies discussed range from the goal of amplification with few artifacts to the goal of a filtered and processed amplification that totally transforms the original image, becoming something very different from the source image; in each case the goal is to go beyond engineering and to use digital amplification as a philosophical/aesthetic perceptual act.