Module-Based Sculptural Constructions

Roland de Jong Orlando
Bridges Leeuwarden: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (2008)
Pages 353–362


At the end of my studies at the Academy of Art in Amsterdam (1990) I started focusing on the most elementary way of making a constructive kind of sculpture by simply cutting beams and reassembling the parts. This lead to the development of modules, which I currently still research and use for ongoing projects, trying to find new applications every time. For many years the first steps I took in my creative process meant making several wood block models, but since a couple of years I tend to develop the design on the computer, with Rhino 3D. That design is then the basis for making a scale model or even directly constructing the actual sculpture from it. The combining and rearranging of these modules according a systematic approach often result in simple looking sculptures, yet often complex in structure. This paper will show you the path I have followed.