Obtaining Four Main Animation Cycles Using an Extremely Limited Set of Poses

Ergun Akleman, Derya Akleman, Ioannis Pavlidis and Pradeep Buddharaju
Proceedings of Bridges 2017: Mathematics, Art, Music, Architecture, Education, Culture
Pages 479–482 Short Papers


We demonstrate that all walking, running, tired and sleeping animations can be obtained using only 12 key poses that can be organized as cyclic group in modulo 12 as shown in Figures 1 and 5. This significant reduction in key poses came from using some poses in both running and walking (See poses 3 and 9 in Figure 1) and using cartoon methods to indicate motion such as motion curves, words and droplets. This approach is useful to create continuous motion in games using limited number of animation poses. In fact, we used these animation modules in two fitness games that are used to collect motion data.