Omnidirectional Robot Construction at the Math Class

Kristóf Fenyvesi, Ákos Vecsei, Diego Lieban, Zsolt Lavicza, Hogul Park and Gábor Vecsei
Proceedings of Bridges 2017: Mathematics, Art, Music, Architecture, Education, Culture
Pages 539–546 Workshop Papers


The goal for this workshop is to expose participants to an example of the Experience Workshop Math-Art Movement’s implementation of robot-design and construction in the mathematics classroom. While participants experiment with solving the problem of how to build an omnidirectional robot—a vehicle capable of driving in any direction in a 2D plane—several physical phenomena and properties can be discovered through geometrical measurements and mathematical calculations. After the mechanical problems have been resolved, the participating students can develop individual character to their robots by improving the aesthetics of their design, while also considering practical and technological questions. The workshop combines hands-on learning with digital modeling, an approach based on combining a Hungarian ReBOT Kit with the Korean 4Dframe as well as GeoGebra dynamic geometry software. The workshop is suitable for students above the age of 12 years. Students work in teams to develop their collaborative problem solving skills.