Geometry and New Urban Order

Cristina Argumedo, Mª Francisca Blanco, Dora Giordano and Miriam Pisonero
Bridges Donostia: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (2007)
Pages 323–330


In this paper, we propose the study of alternatives for resolving complex situations such as the expansion of the cities, areas which are exempt from the general order (hybrids) and connections between urban fragments. We start from the idea of presuming a reference to the existing design as a binding factor and, at the same time, we develop possibilities of transformation in the urban layout by means of geometrical criteria used in diverse situations resolution, seeking the potential of alternatives variability. The geometrical layouts proposed, seek to provide an answer to some of the objectives of contemporary town planning: to those which propose to generate partial structures for decentralising and identifying places in the continuity of a design.