From Modeling Foliage with L-systems to Digital Art

Glyn M. Rimmington and Mara Alagic
Bridges Donostia: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (2007)
Pages 269–276


This paper provides many bridges: it connects graphical representations of plants’ evolving properties with structural geometric representations; a visualization of plants’ structure, from a simple branching formation to more complex plant architectures, and further to aesthetically pleasing, simulated, 3D plant-like representations. This is accomplished by use of L-systems in combination with Turtle Graphics, being displayed in a VRML viewer and then enhanced in terms of the background with Adobe Photoshop™. This process leads to many questions, such as: Can we take an artistic license and design these kinds of artificial plant forms? What creative value do corresponding pictures have? What creative value is in understanding the process of their design and related dynamic representation? Recognizing that 2D media does not do justice to the dynamics of the 3D-based processes, the authors are preparing an animated representation of the design process that will be incorporated in the Conference CD.