An Algorithmic Approach to Obtain Generalized 2D Meander-Patterns

Saied Zarrinmehr, Ergun Akleman, Mahmood Ettehad, Negar Kalantar, Alireza Borhani Haghighi and Shinjiro Sueda
Proceedings of Bridges 2017: Mathematics, Art, Music, Architecture, Education, Culture
Pages 87–94 Regular Papers


In this paper, we present an algorithmic approach to obtain a large subset of all possible 2D meander patterns with a simple remeshing algorithm. Our algorithm is basically a remeshing that can be applied to any polygonal mesh to produce 2D meander patterns. The algorithm, when applied to regular (4,4) tiling pattern, provides the original meander pattern invented by Dujam Ivanišević. Moreover, since these meander patterns are obtained by a remeshing algorithm, by changing parameters it is possible to control the local properties of the pattern for creating illustrations drawn with meander patterns.