Legerdemain: Exploring Tessellation with CatsEye

Douglas Easterly
Proceedings of Bridges 2016: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Education, Culture (2016)
Pages 663–666 Workshop Papers


In this workshop participants will explore the use of CatsEye software for transfiguring hand-drawn sketches into tessellations. CatsEye is a Web-based application that features: an easy to use interface, five polygon tessellation structures (three regular and two irregular), high resolution image export, and a host of customizable settings. CatsEye may enhance the studio workflow for a great variety of art and design practices, including: fashion, interior design, graphic design and visual art. A preliminary exercise will examine and discuss the historical tools for the artist and mathematician, such as the compass and straight edge, and how these tools, fueled by geometry, translate into a software environment.