Modelling Environmental Problem-Solving Through STEAM Activities: 4Dframe's Warka Water Workshop

Kristóf Fenyvesi, Ho-Gul Park, Taeyoung Choi, Kwangcheol Song and Seungsuk Ahn
Proceedings of Bridges 2016: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Education, Culture (2016)
Pages 601–608 Workshop Papers


In this paper the Korean 4Dframe educational modelling kit’s rich capacities are presented within a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education workshop. The workshop is an adaptation of the Warka Water social design project, launched by the architect Arturo Vittori in response to Ethiopia’s diminished sources of drinking water. Participants of the workshop will study the geometry of the Warka Water tower and understand its water harvesting technique, which is based on collecting water from the air.