Tiled Torus Quilt with Changing Tiles

Elaine Krajenke Ellison and John Sharp
Proceedings of Bridges 2010: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (2010)
Pages 67–74 Regular Papers


The quilter Elaine Ellison heard papers at Bridges in Leeuwarden in 2008 and Banff in 2009 about tessellations where the tiles change. This gave her the idea to create a quilt in which the shape of the polygons of the tiles change. Also in Leeuwarden and afterwards, she discussed with John Sharp his work in the area of tile changing, which he calls “morphing tilings”. Many beautiful patterns can be created using these morphing techniques. The result of explorations with them is the quilt Tiled Torus, which also incorporates colour changes which is the subject of this paper.