Alhambra's Nazari Single Tile Patterns Guided Tour

Jesús Hernando
Proceedings of Bridges 2010: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (2010)
Pages 363–366 Short Papers


In the School Year 2006-07 our Institution took part in a European Comenius Project called Partners in Patterns. Our work was related to the elaboration of patterns generated by plane movements of simple Escher-style tiles. We took as models the Alhambra's nazari mosaics that were part of our cultural heritage. For that purpose we used Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS) called Geogebra, which was well-accepted by our students. We planned as a first stage to study those tessellations that involve only one tile shape. After that we decided to represent in eight poster scenes the Alhambra's Nazari Single Tile Patterns Guided Tour in order to appreciate in a different way either a visit to the Alhambra's Palaces or the study of Geometry.