From the Angle of Quasicrystals

Jean-Marc Castéra
Proceedings of Bridges 2010: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (2010)
Pages 215–222 Regular Papers


Opened in December 2009 and dedicated to quasicrystals and their application in art and architecture, “From the Angle of Quasicrystals” is a permanent exhibition/installation at the “Palais de la découverte” museum in Paris. The physicist Denis Gratias, one of the most prominent theoreticians in quasicrystals, was in charge of the “pure scientific” part, while I was to be the artist of the band. A spot located between the planetarium and the Pi-room was put at our disposal. We wanted this space to be entirely structured by a unique quasicrystalline pattern, visible at different scales. This pattern covers continuously two adjacent walls and the floor. A display cabinet showing real quasicrystals is inserted at an angle in accordance with the pattern, and two custom pieces of furniture are designed and placed, also matching the structure. One piece of furniture is used as table for a kind of puzzle especially made for this installation, intended for visitors to play with, and the other includes a display screen for an interactive software program and slide show with my applications of quasicrystals to architecture.