Amazing Labyrinths, further Amazing Labyrinths, further developments

Samuel Verbiese
Proceedings of Bridges 2009: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (2009)
Pages 321–322 Short Papers


This short paper elaborates on findings presented at the 2007 Donostia Bridges Conference [1], first bringing some classifying logic in the family of labyrinths of which the ‘Classic’ and ‘Chartres’ are the best known examples, with the interesting inclusion of spirals. Second, another 3-dimensional morphing is offered on the surface of a sphere, which underscores the inherent antisymmetric nature of the ‘Classic’ and Chartres' designs. Third, appealing 3-D forms can result from projections onto polyhedra, here the octahedron/cube duals. Fourth, a recent arrangement of the ‘Classic’ into a rose-shape is proposed for possible mathematical analysis. The figures of this paper, including an important erratum correcting a wrong figure that didn't make it in the printed Donostia Proceedings, are provided as an appendix in the CD-Rom of the Proceedings of the Conference, but not on the printed Proceedings. They are further expanded by entries at the accompanying Bridges 2009 Mathematical Art Exhibit [2].