Exploring Cubes Woven on the Skew

Felicity Wood
Bridges Donostia: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (2007)
Pages 441–444


Baskets woven from strips folded up from the base at 90° or 45° are well known. However, forms made by folding up at other angles have been little explored. Weaving a cube (a closed form), as opposed to a ‘basket’ (an open vessel), results in some mathematically interesting and aesthetically pleasing results. Rather than weaving cubes, workshop participants will construct cubes using nets provided, printed on card. It will then be possible to discover some of their characteristics, to answer some questions, and perhaps pose some further questions. There will be a review of ethnographic and artist-made forms woven on the skew. There will also be handling pieces: cubes woven on the skew using a variety of materials – expressions of the underlying mathematics.