Structure and Form in the Design Curriculum

M.A. Hann and B.G. Thomas
Bridges Donostia: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (2007)
Pages 161–168


This paper identifies subject matter included in an introductory lecture course concerned with structure and form, delivered to design students at the University of Leeds. By way of background, recognition is made of the important contribution made by scientific investigators at Leeds to the understanding of a range of related issues. Fundamental structural elements are identified and brief synopses are given of the nature of tilings, patterns and polyhedra. Various inter-related concepts, associated with the Fibonacci series and the golden section, scale symmetry and modularity are introduced. A range of important literature is identified and a series of assignment briefs is included. The intention is to identify curriculum material that has proved to be of value in the qualitative improvement of the practice-based activity of design students at Leeds. The paper is intended primarily as a guide to design teachers whose current professional duties involve the development of theoretical components to underpin a largely practice-based design curriculum.