New Ways in Symmetry

María Francisca Blanco Martín and Elena Elvira Nieto
Bridges London: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (2006)
Pages 491–496


This proposal presents the continuation of the task assumed some years ago by this interdisciplinary research team about the relations between Mathematics and Design. The basic objectives in this proposal are: 1. To research about the syntactic, generative and methodological possibilities of mathematical models and fundamentally, geometric structures, as a base for the morphologycal definition of the objects, in their widest significance. 2. To study the transference of these knowledges to the educational level, through the implementation of learning situations that imply not only to offer the model, but also the ways of manipulation, extracting from it all its compositive possibilities. The idea is to establish a work methodology that can be applied to different situations, moving the students to be involved in each possible stage of the search. 3. To develop a systemic approach that allows the use of different informatical programs to promote creative development of students in the teaching- learning tasks.