Golden Fields, Generalized Fibonacci Sequences, and Chaotic Matrices

Jay Kappraff, Slavik Jablan, Gary Adamson and Radmila Sazdanovich
Renaissance Banff: Mathematics, Music, Art, Culture (2005)
Pages 369–378


The diagonals of regular n-gons for odd n are shown to form algebraic fields with the diagonals serving as the basis vectors. The diagonals are determined as the ratio of successive terms of generalized Fibonacci sequences. The sequences are determined from a family of triangular matrices with elements either 0 or 1. The eigenvalues of these matrices are ratios of the diagonals of the n-gons, and the matrices are part of a larger family of matrices that form periodic trajectories when operated on by the Mandelbrot operator. Generalized Mandelbrot operators are related to the Lucas polynomials have similar periodic properties.