NAMAN: Dream Altars, Vietnam: A Search for use of the Golden Mean and its Affect on Design and Content

Michael McConnell and Jim Rose
Renaissance Banff: Mathematics, Music, Art, Culture (2005)
Pages 337–338


My recently completed installation "Dream Altar, Vietnam” deals with my memory of my experiences in Viet Nam. Since memory tends to be amorphous, I began to utilize the Golden Ratio as a means of imposing order on the project. I found that incorporating Golden Rectangles in the design enhanced the impact of the artwork. To further this enhancement, Dr. McConnell and I will experiment with other uses of the Golden Ratio in the actual arrangement of the installation, especially its relationship to the three dimensional space that it will be contained within. I will install a Memory Altar at the Bridges Conference and discuss the discoveries we have made and how we used the golden section and other mathematics in the overall construction of the piece.