Using 3-D Models as Image Generators For Digital Fiction

Michael Mahan
Renaissance Banff: Mathematics, Music, Art, Culture (2005)
Pages 237–244


This paper will present the concept of using 3-D modeling programs to create illustrations for works of conceptual art in new media that I call “digital fiction”. It will introduce my early work using mathematical processes, and explain how this differs from conventional illustration in that the artist creates processes rather than finished works and extracts the images from the output of those processes. Processes can include generative algorithms, which can be used to create 3-D models, animations, or images for the illustrations themselves and explorations of virtual environments which can generate images based on various points of view. Examples will be presented from my works Abducted By Aliens, I Was Flown Through A City Of Mirrors and Inside Klein’s Doughnuts I remembered a new bottle. Finally, it will present my recent work ...of Smoke and Mirrors, which I call “a mathematical metafiction.”