Kindred Spirits: Hafez in His Poetry, Mathematicians in Their Theories - Abstract

Saeed Ghahramani
Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science (2002)
Pages 312–312


The culmination of Persian lyric poetry was reached about a hundred years after Sadi with Hajez, the most delicate and most popular of Persian poets. Scores of studies of Hafez exist in many languages. The interest in him is universal and diverse. Nietzsche called his poetry the true miracle of human arts. Ralph Waldo Emerson considered him and Shakespeare as the greatest poets of all times. He had an enormous impact on Goethe in his old age, the direct result of which was the West-Eastern Divan, considered by many Germanists to be next in importance to Faust. In this work on Hafez, the speaker will draw parallels between the track of thoughts of Hafez and that of a mathematician who develops a new theory.